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Digital Organizing - Files, Pictures, Programs, etc.
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Does your desktop look anything like the 3 samples above? Well it's just going to get worse! (aren't we the bearers of glad tidings) In our current environment of emails, social networking, blogs, digital photos, mp3s and such - we're in for a new TLC show called:

Digital Hoarders!

Zephyr can help you make sense of all that visual noise, while providing you with a simple, easy to maintain system for keeping everything just a click or two away.

Digital Organizing - EMail
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Does your Inbox look anything like those above? Emails piling up on each other, no rhyme or reason - hunting, searching, putting "stars" by something to delineate its importance?

There's an easier way! Folder/subfolders/subsubfolders and filters are your friends!

You'll be able to find any thread from anybody in an instant, and you'll know immediately if something important has come in. Let us help you get a handle on all the digital aspects of your world! Here's our Inbox:

zephyr-inbox-closed zephyr-email-inbox-2 zephyr-email-inbox1

When closed, the folders are neat and ready to be perused. When open, all the main catagories have specific folders, and each folder contains emails that are sent directly to that folder when they are received! Your inbox will be oh so empty! (that's a good thing).

Contact us today for easy and affordable assistance with your desktop and email organizing... you'll be glad you did!

Is your personal and business data safe?

I recently had a hard-drive crash... on my main business computer! It's not that I don't usually have my data backed up on an external hard-drive... but I had cleared it off to organize and delete duplicates, and hadn't put a lot of it back yet when the crash occurred.

Lesson learned!

I now use and HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for backing up your computers:

Backblaze graphic link to website

Don't get caught with your data down!

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